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If there is a single reason that you should check out this website, it would be to visit the The Technology link to understand better the unique characteristics of the patented Gearbox Solid Span Technology and to specifically watch video segments of Gearbox Mastermind Rafael Filipini literally peeling back the covers to get a peek at the internals of the SST (solid span technology) as it compares to the internals of the honeycomb paddle design that is inherent in EVERY OTHER paddle on the market today. HINT: thicker is not better folks, you merely need to try SST to know that.

Greg Murphy's (orange GX5) & Greg Baker's (red GX6) in the queue to play @ Kenmore (the early days, before we had sold 30+ Gearbox paddles to SFS members). Now, you'll see Gearbox paddles everywhere!

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  • News - What's the latest with Here To Win and Gearbox? Find out here!

  • Technology - We explain why Gearbox SST is a superior paddle to all other paddles on the market?

  • Why Gearbox? - Summarizes the unique attributes that set Gearbox SST apart from all other pickleball paddles on the market today

  • Knowledge - We know the product line intimately, we have owned all of the paddles and played at length with most all of them. We drink our own Kool-Aid, we know our gear, we want to share what we know - Test us!

  • The Paddles - Learn all about the CX14, CX11, GX6, GX5, CP7 and GH7+ options

  • Test Drive - If you live in the Stafford/Fredericksburg VA area/vicinity, we have most every paddle that Gearbox currently offers today. We understand that it's an important decision and investment, we encourage you to "take for a test drive" the paddles that you are most interested in

  • Reviews - Hear what others have to say about their paddle decision making, why they chose the paddles they tested, what they like most and perhaps what they dislike about their choice. The aim is to help YOU decide.

  • Authorized Dealer - Yes we are, enjoy Gearbox's full Warranty on purchases

  • Pickleball is NOT the answer - Pickleball is the question, YES is the answer

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Greg Baker representing Here To Win takes Gold in the Men's Doubles 60+ 3.5 with friend Greg Murphy at the Virginia Classic Tournament in Henrico Virginia on May 8, 2021. Silver went to Mark Mendelsohn (lefty on the far left) & Frank Tarrant with bronze going to Bing Yang & Marty Prusinowski (another lefty on the far right).

Team Here To Win Leland Rupp & Greg Baker (Middle) take Gold in the Men's Doubles 50+ 3.5 Woodbridge VA Legends Spring Fling Tournament on April 10, 2021. Silver went to Tom Konicki & Patrick Sobolik on left and bronze went to Scott Brown & John Taylor on right.

Introducing Pickleball 4/2020 - These were the very early days of our conversion from racquetball to pickleball (about a month or so into it), we were playing with the Onix pure 2 ball and experimenting with paddles ranging from cheapie sub $20's to the elite Selkirk (purchased used-on-ebay for about $80). Covid-19 drove us from the indoor danger zone of enclosed racquetball courts to the safer outdoors to explore a new activity that would give us much desired cardio while the pandemic passed over. Who'd have thunk over a year later that we'd still be battling it?

What do you do when you have too many people and not enough courts? Quad Pickleball Max of course!

Pickleball Highlights Of Tuesday/Thursday Evening Sessions At The Massad YMCA (We've played in 26 degree temps)

Come back win for Team Here To Win against the Gregs at the Massad YMCA - Good Aye Mate